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The Teacher Aide PLD Pilot Fund is granted directly through the MoE. The MoE will fund the full course fees of $499 PLUS your wages as a teacher aide during the time you attend the PLD course. There is also an additional allowance of up to $500 for travel and accommodation if you have to travel to a location of 100km or more away.

Selecting the link below will take you to the MoE Teacher Aide Pilot Fund Page to apply for this funding. A downloadable form below may assist you in your completion of this online form.

Application Process:

  1. 'Book now' to confirm your place in our course and provide your details. There are four locations to choose from. A ticket will be sent to your inbox.

  2. Go to the MoE Teacher Aide Pilot Fund Page here to apply for funding. You will need approval from your principal. An example/downloadable form is available below which may assist you in your application.

  3. Once approved by MoE, please contact Growth Culture. An invoice will be sent to your school payable once funding is confirmed. This must be paid prior to the course to confirm your place.

  4. Your school will simply invoice MOE and be fully reimbursed the total amount (course fee, travel + accommodation and 6 hours of wages) following the workshop.

Frequently asked questions:
Can I send more than one teacher aide from my school?
- yes, you can. The MoE Teacher Aide Pilot Fund is granted per teacher aide. Each teacher aide will need to fill out an application form and have their own unique ESL login. Your school's delegated authoriser (usually the Principal) will need to set each Teacher Aide up with an ESL (if they don't already have one).
Am I paid for a day's work (even if the course falls in the holidays)?
- yes, the MoE have requested, that where possible, this funding be used for PLD during term breaks.
Is the extra 'travel and accommodation allowance' for each teacher, or the school (if sending a group)?
- the allowance is for each teacher aide, however these are checked vigorously by the Ministry of Education. The criteria is:
  • you are located more than 100km from a population centre of more than 20,000 people, or

  • you have to travel to a specialist course that is only delivered in limited locations of 100km or more away, or

  • you have to travel between islands.

Need help?
Please phone or email one of our friendly team if you would like assistance completing the application.
Growth Culture is an esteemed Ministry of Education approved PLD provider and can assist you in accessing this FREE course through the Teacher Aide PLD Pilot Fund.
An exempler form is available below which may assist you in your application.

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