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We made it ... moving from red to orange!

What a term, but we got there - now time to enjoy Easter and all that it means to you.

We are excited for Term two, the orange setting meaning we are more comfortable to meet together again across New Zealand.

The GCLA Team (check out their profiles here) are looking forward to meeting with their delegates next month for the following programmes:

Executive NLP Retreat: 11th -13th May @ Trinity Wharf, Tauranga

Emerging NLP PLG Day: Thursday 19th May @ Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland

Aspiring NLP PLG Day: Friday 20th May @ Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland

Honours NLP PLG Day: Monday 23rd May @ (email coming soon with details), Christchurch

We will be in contact with agendas soon, please ensure you have made your travel arrangements.

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