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The team at GCLA have some exciting new leadership initiatives being developed, and to make way for these we've made a few changes to our website menu which may affect you.

If you are a regular site user for our GCLA Leadership Forum, or Virtual Workshops, you will find the location of some tabs have moved. All private pages for GCLA delegates are now found under the menu heading Leadership > GCLA 2022 COHORT: this includes the Forum, Growth Culture TV and Kaiarahi Virtual Booking pages.

Access to our Virtual Workshops are now located under the Workshops tab > ONLINE COURSES > WATCH.

One of our new programmes is 'Strength to Strength'. The Strength to Strength programme offers customised PLD delivered face-to-face to grow student leadership and hauora, by accessing your Regionally Allocated PLD Fund. We've had an enormous response to this new programme, and our team are working hard to make contact and assist with funding to deliver the programme. Two schools have already seen great results as the PLD is delivered and student leadership becomes apparent in their setting. You can find out more information about this programme here:

A couple of more initiatives will be added over the coming weeks - keep an eye out for them on our website menu.

We're excited for the future of Growth Culture and the services we can offer to support leadership development within your kura. Please get in touch if you need information or help on anything - we're always here to help!

The team at Growth Culture

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