NALP 20: National Aspiring Leadership Programme


Why have a National Aspiring Leaders Programme?

Through broad consultation across many geographical and industrial boundaries, Growth Culture has uncovered a significant need for a high performing leadership developmental programme that enables high potential education leaders to engage in an intensive, peer-oriented leadership development experience.

The National Aspiring Leaders Programme is based upon a framework that focuses on interpersonal and behavioural dynamics central to the successful management and leadership of others. The programme does not deal with the technical or administrative aspects of management.

In addition to enabling real outcomes for individual leaders, the National Aspiring Leaders Programme is recognised as a unique and innovative programme that contributes in a meaningful way to the realisation of equity in relation to formal educational leadership.

The following pedagogical principles inform the programme’s development: 

  • The programme is grounded in evidence-informed managerial and leadership competencies.​

  • Research-based competencies are translated into a practical context, with maximum on-the-job  applicability. 

  • The programme adopts a blended learning methodology, based on proven principles of adult learning (combining knowledge-sharing, experimental participation, practical application and reflection). 

  • It is grounded in principles of authentic leadership and values-based leadership.

  • The programme is supported by the development of leadership and managerial competencies at the individual (one’s own), team (interpersonal), and organisational (cultural) levels.


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