NALP 20: National Aspiring Leadership Programme

content overview

The National Aspiring Leaders Programme is designed to develop leadership focused on improving student learning outcomes in schools.

NALP 20 is facilitated by a team of several experienced kaiarahi who are all current or former principals, including Marshall Diggs MEd.

The major elements of the NALP curriculum are:

  • developing self

  • leading learning

  • leading innovation and change

  • future-focused schooling

  • understanding the multi-faceted role of the senior CoL/School leadership

The programme also includes:

  • 4 x regional PLGs Workshops (four days off kura/school campus)               

    • North Island  =  AUCKLAND                                    

    • South Island  = CHRISTCHURCH

  • 4 x e-Modules

  • 2 x on-site visits from one of the NALP 20 Kaiarahi

  • 2 x remote visits from one of the NALP 20 Kaiarahi

  • 2 x Assignments

  • 3 x Professional Readings

  • On-going NALP 20 learning community posts

NALP 20 is currently not a Ministry of Education funded project although Growth Culture is a distinguished Ministry of Education Professional Learning and Development provider.

Participants who graduate from the National Aspiring Leaders Programme (NALP 20) receive accreditation and the National Aspiring Leaders Programme certification.


- Funding

- Testimonials

- Resources

- Leadership GOLD

- Team Leaders Toolbox

- Boys in Literacy

- Collaborative Culture

- Leadership

- Building Teams

- Working Across Generations

- Team Culture

- Literacy

- Growth Mindset