NALP 20: National Aspiring Leadership Programme

content overview

The National Aspiring Leaders Programme is designed to develop leadership focused on improving student learning outcomes in schools.

NALP 20 is facilitated by a team of several experienced kaiarahi who are all current or former principals, including Marshall Diggs MEd.

The programme also includes:

  • 4 x regional PLGs Workshops (four days off kura/school campus)               

    • North Island  =  AUCKLAND                                    

    • South Island  = CHRISTCHURCH

  • 4 x e-Modules

  • 2 x on-site visits from one of the NALP 20 Kaiarahi

  • 2 x remote visits from one of the NALP 20 Kaiarahi

  • 2 x Assignments

  • 3 x Professional Readings

  • On-going NALP 20 learning community posts

NALP 20 is currently not a Ministry of Education funded project although Growth Culture is a distinguished Ministry of Education Professional Learning and Development provider.

Participants who graduate from the National Aspiring Leaders Programme (NALP 20) receive Growth Culture accreditation and the National Aspiring Leaders Programme certification.


- Funding

- Testimonials

- Resources

- Leadership GOLD

- Team Leaders Toolbox

- Boys in Literacy

- Collaborative Culture

- Leadership

- Building Teams

- Working Across Generations

- Team Culture

- Literacy

- Growth Mindset