Executive NLP is a completely unique PLD opportunity. It combines the best elements of a sabbatical with the benefit of having a personalised professional growth programme aligned to your contextual challenges.


If you are passionate about creating a lasting legacy, serving the community and rising strong, alongside like-minded executive principals – this is for you.


Frequently we see people being promoted without being equipped, or equipped via a cookie-cutter model (OSFA) that fails to empower the individual.

Aspiring NLP serves to provide leadership insights, tools and skills to propel good managers into positions as great senior leaders/principals.

We combine expert coaching and a customised leadership development plan based around each delegate's strengths and aspirations.

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Dynamic teachers with leadership aspirations often ask how they can develop as effective practitioners while simultaneously developing their leadership capabilities, and gaining clarity around their career pathway.

Emerging NLP serves to provide professional advancement for emerging leaders by equipping them with the tools and skills required to thrive. It enables delegates to confidently lead from the middle as effective educational leaders.