Why have a National Emerging Leaders Programme?

Growth Culture received feedback following the highly successful National Aspiring Principals Programme and the nationwide Team Leaders Toolbox PLD which uncovered a significant need for an emerging leadership programme that enables high potential education leaders to engage in an intensive, peer-oriented leadership development experience. The National Emerging Leaders Programme is crafted for current leaders and up and coming leaders to provide career development pathway and grow their leadership capacity.


Whilst mostly emerging leaders consist of teachers in the first five years of their leadership development i.e. Team Leaders, Curriculum Leaders, Senco and Management Unit holders, the course is also open to any high performing teacher wanting to further develop their leadership capacity and fast-track their career progression. 

NB: It is recommended that if your next step is Principalship that you apply for the National ASPIRING Leadership Programme


The National Emerging Leaders Programme is based upon a framework that focuses on the interpersonal, leadership and professional development of self and how this relates to their role within their school. 

In addition to enabling real outcomes for individual leaders, the National Emerging Leaders Programme is recognised as a unique and innovative programme that contributes in a meaningful way to the realisation of equity in relation to formal educational leadership.