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Growth Culture exists to breathe life into leaders, and to enable them to create cultures where everyone can thrive.

Growth Culture Leadership Academy’s Online Forum is a community space engineered for you. One of the great features of our Leadership Programmes is the ability to establish lifelong professional networks. With participants from across New Zealand, there is likely to be several other delegates from different contexts who are also leading, learning, growing and facing similar situations to those you will meet throughout 2021. The GCLA Online Learning Community is enriched and supported through participant-generated discussions and adaptive leadership challenges that unlock existing skills and experience within the group.
We have a diverse community with a range of ideas and backgrounds - this is an opportunity and a strength. We welcome and actively seek a diverse range of views in our collaborative spaces, and to ensure this is always respectful and constructive, these guidelines and norms apply to all our discussions and spaces. You can consider them our kaupapa for conversation, or as a code of conduct for those who participate in our events and forums.
Diversity is celebrated: The skills, experiences and priorities of our community are rich and varied. Together we respect this.
Time is valuable: We don’t take for granted people giving their time to share and engage, so we keep discussions on topic and constructive. As a group, we take responsibility for ensuring that discussions aren’t dominated by a few voices, and that a wide range of views are welcome and sought out.
We're all accountable: Information shared through our online forums is never used externally without the author’s approval. We all take responsibility for maintaining the principles of these guidelines in our discussions and events and we report any breaches of this to the forum administrator.
We collaborate in good faith: We are considered in our interactions. This includes in robust discussion and disagreements. A respectful, open attitude towards others is expected from all participants, speakers, exhibitors and volunteers.

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