"Being part of the NALP 20 programme has accelerated my leaderships skills in ways I had never anticipated prior to starting. I have learnt a variety of practical skills for handling a variety of situations that as a leader in a school you can find yourself in. I am now far better prepared for any leadership roles and have a higher confidence level in dealing with a variety of situations. NALP has opened my eyes to my own strengths and weaknesses. NALP has made me think critically about my "why". I have met and made many powerful connections throughout my time on NALP. Having a Kairahi adds a very personal dimension to the course. I highly recommend the NALP to all teachers - as we are all leaders in some form."

... accelerated my leadership skills ...

Shelley McKay

Deputy Principal

"I was unsure of what to expect when I applied to be a part of NALP20. Being new to leadership, I googled 'leadership training in education NZ'. NALP20 looked as though it had everything I wanted. A range of content delivery modes, a comprehensive base of foundational knowledge, and manageable expectations. After emailing and speaking to Marshall about time commitments and programme requirements, I felt really excited to dive in. The content in this programme is well-researched, accessible and interesting! The activities are compelling and realistic, and I love the way they encourage us to form connections and networks with other educational professionals so we can all support each other. I am so grateful to have landed with this programme, and recommend that anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding of themselves as a leader, and the fundamentals of leadership, get involved."

... content is well researched, accessible and interesting ...


Deputy Principal

"I love how this course has been designed to make you dig deeper into how YOU tick and get to the essence of what makes you the best YOU, you can be! It is not just a course on how to manage people and school administration, but one that covers inner leadership qualities and what it means to lead from your core values. It gets you to think about who you are as a leader and how you want to lead. It will teach you to embrace courageous conversations and how to have these with confidence, while maintaining the mana of all parties involved. I highly recommend NALP to all future and present school leaders. Dare to Lead!"

... get to essense of what makes you the best You, you can be! ...

Sara Carr

Deputy Principal

"The NALP programme for me has been an opportunity to reflect on my own leadership practices as well as refine what I do. My thinking has been challenged in a supportive and non-judgemental way. I have felt that my Kaiarahi is genuinely interested in my leadership and my career progression."

... my Kaiarahi is genuinely interested in my leadership and career progression ...

Paul Knighton

Deputy Principal

"NALP has been a very worthwhile professional learning experience. To be provided with expert knowledge and thought provoking discussions has been insightful and challenged mental models I have had about leadership. The group discussions with people you don't know was a valuable experience and gave opportunity for members to network and discuss topical and relevant leadership issues and situations. My Kaiarahi was always interested in my professional journey and remembered lots of little details about all our group members which came through in our group discussions and cleverly weaved them into our chats."

... group discussions a valuable experience ...

Sarah Baleicakau

Deputy Principal

"NALP 2020 has given me the opportunity to grow and refine my leadership skills whilst working, sharing and learning alongside like minded professionals and skilled mentors. Thank you."

... grow and refine my leadership skills ...

Deirdre Duggan

Deputy Principal

"I can really recommend this programme as a very useful stepping stone into the many facets of leadership. The personnel, presentations, resources and mentoring are excellent. Well worth the time and effort!"

... well worth the time and effort ...

Julie Armstrong-Homan

Deputy Principal