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Generational IQ


Building Generational IQ is a two-hour staff workshop designed to empower collaboration and break-down generational tensions and misunderstandings.


Building Generational IQ will equip you and your team with several across generational leadership techniques. When we are born shapes how we see the world and how we interact with the world. When we understand the “why” another generation sees and thinks the way they do, we are much more likely to appreciate their difference and speak their language.


Building your schools generational IQ by unpacking the keys to winning across generations: Communication, Decision Making, Language, Loyalty, Relationships, Employment, Expectations and much more…


Today, educational leaders need to find the balance between appreciating the unique contributions of each team member and owning the capacity as a leader. By embracing the multi-generational teacher workforce and preparing your leaders appropriately, you will not only produce higher engagement and performance, but you will also begin to attract the best teachers of all ages.


Rather than obsess over what makes Millennials tick, or bewailing the Boomers nuances, focus on leveraging the benefits of your workforce regardless of their age.  Building the teaching dream-team that represents all generations and their diverse perspectives. 


Your school tomorrow will be a result of what you and your SLT think today, so if you are thinking for a change and don’t want to miss out, BOOK NOW for Building Generational IQ.

Generational IQ

Generational IQ

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